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    JBpill Are pedo hunter whiteknights the biggest cucks there are?

    Some are pedos themselves and the rest are just brainwashed cucks
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    Blackpill Even if the femoids' prisons were opened for incels to go in there and rape the foids, that still wouldn't be all that appealing

    Meh, she’s somewhat passable. I’d shove a metal pipe in her for killing the pedo though.
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    LifeFuel Today a man actually did something to help another man

    Men should not want to be raped, it’s not our place to or purpose to be raped and such an act strips is of what makes us men. It’s no different than letting some slut’s “Bull” fuck you. You’re not a man when that happens, not anymore. Foids are here to be raped. That is THEIR purpose and we...
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    We don't even have any men here larping as females

    Why is there a foid here? Unless it’s a JB Niglet foid it needs to leave.