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  1. Irvine

    Shit's about to get real

    It's very difficult and painful to kill urself by not eating/drinking.
  2. Irvine

    people are unhappy due to the lack or hirarchy

    Lack of GOOD hierarchy, there is way too much hierarchy but where only the genetically privileged get on top.
  3. Irvine

    Blackpill Consensual sex doesn't exist and most practices considered to be rape aren't rape either

    Ofc it's not consensual sex, it's pre-determined by looks and ofc it's unwanted by the uglier males.
  4. Irvine

    Now, who could've predicted this?

    Would be nice if someone linked it on an incel sites.
  5. Irvine

    Now, who could've predicted this?

    What? Did he really livestream it? That's some pretty bad luck with how easily they're running away.
  6. Irvine

    JFL I'll Never Understand Celeb Foid Worship

    That's what causes cult dynamics such as the ones we see on r/inceltears
  7. Irvine

    LifeFuel Do not kill yourself

    roping is ultra cucked
  8. Irvine

    So why do you want to continue hanging out in clown world?

    I have entrepreneurial goals. And there is still hope with good gymcelling and surgeries, especially future modifications.
  9. Irvine

    I think this site should become more suicide-focused

    So there is no pure incel site other than Lol... well there isn't a truly alive one anyway.
  10. Irvine

    So why do you want to continue hanging out in clown world?

    The blackpill.
  11. Irvine

    question about acne

    I have slight back acne, and acne on my chin and some on the top left of my forehead. Exercise, and cut out sugar and dairy - without expecting anything, there are incels with cystic acne who eat healthy, exercise and have skin care routines.
  12. Irvine

    Blackpill Elizabeth Holmes wasn't a good manipulator, nor socially skilled

    Soyboys just wanted to buy the story of the self made femoid entrepreneur working in science too much. Things like "girls who code" are very good for attracting groupthink people.
  13. Irvine

    Blackpill Elizabeth Holmes wasn't a good manipulator, nor socially skilled

    It's funny how femoids are actually bad at lying, but get believed because they're femoids, if she was a male she'd be treated somewhat like marck cuckerberg. Her body language and pauses aren't good, it's just that an allegedly entrepreneurial femoid with obviously painted blond hair cannot be...
  14. Irvine

    Blackpill Greetings virgins

    Ultra chad here, I am unbareably autistic and rude to everyone I talk to, yet I am treated like a god purely because of my looks... maybe you inkels will finally be like me after you improve your personalities. Beyond JFL, even this comic depicts the incel as bad looking... but even if, by...
  15. Irvine

    r/braincels can be much worse than r/inceltears

    Statistically, femoids dominate men in all of academia (especially high school I think), not just liberal arts.
  16. Irvine

    Do you know any chads irl?

    Yes, I know a 5'6 chad with light brown hair and blue eyes. If you're an ARYAN then you're a volcel as you can just run JBW game if you're not too bad looking, especially in Thailand. If you're a white person with brown eyes JBW can literally not work for you. Also, 80% of the chads I know are...
  17. Irvine

    Hypocrisy The hatred from IncelTears is due to their guilty conscience

    Oh yes, the one key behind their ridiculous amount of delusion, self-deception, circle jerking and the fact that you HAVE to be dumb to get 3K+ upvotes on their subreddit.
  18. Irvine

    Do you know any incels irl?

    REEEEEEEE, rejecting wahmen! REEEEEEE ABSOLUTE AND UTTER VOOOLCEEEEL! Jk, "rejecting" femoids that only pretend to like you is always the right choice. I don't know of any self-identifying incels IRL.
  19. Irvine

    r/braincels can be much worse than r/inceltears

    "I have no words, so offended by the shooting, and also Islam is the most amazing anti-women religion ^^ Oh the shooter got bad grades in HS? LOL what a retard, if you get bad grades in HS it's totally not cause it's pre-determined, it's because you're a pathetic fuck and it's all your fault...
  20. Irvine

    IncelTears users deserve flaying

    Even the ugliest femoids that have HORRIBLE personalities get ultra validated, not only IRL but also in Yet you can have a perfect personality, and femoids will scream at seeing you if you are ugly or low status, completely unprovoked. The fact that cucktards deny this and believe femoids are...