A lot of the warnings Incels.is hands out are BS

But it's easy to think, "Whatever, it's just 10%, and in a month it'll be gone." Serge, though, has pointed out that those will be forever on your profile and be taken into consideration by other mods.

Moderation there is kinda hit-and-miss and driven by whatever the moderation fad of the moment is (e.g. right now they're cracking down on non-virgins who aren't shielded by whatever statute of limitations applies to Catfishman). But I knew all along it was that way, and kinda figured eventually I might get hit with a ban, just because of the cumulative nature of how this warning system works.

The place has high turnover, but I guess because the incelosphere is growing, they can just rely on being able to get fresh meat in the door all the time to keep their numbers up.


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Apart from the personal vindictiveness from the mods, cucks.is is too concerned with non-incels think.

"At best", they will change and conform and cuck themselves. Eventually they'll come to realize that no amount of change will appease the normies and the answer is because incel truthtelling is a threat. Normies would rather kill us, and since they can't, they'll bully us into silence and conformity.