A lot of times, when people are cagy about letting people know their personal info, it's because they're trying to pull some kind of scam


Scam artists really don't want their victims being able to compare notes and connect the dots and figure out what they're up to and hold them accountable for anything. They want the freedom to be slippery and anonymous.

That applies on both sides. There are both men and women behaving badly. The incelosphere is pretty small, but there's a fair amount of turnover so we're always seeing new people show up, whose identities and pasts are unknown to us (we do have one thing we ask of chicks if they want to be confirmed, but that's it).

It's also true, though, that to have freedom of speech while still, e.g., holding down a normie job and whatnot, a lot of times in 2019 we gotta stay anonymous.

But it contributes to this being a low-trust society, because bad elements can also move about and operate pretty freely and we never know what we're dealing with.

Bringing up fear of doxxing and predation, though, is often used as a way not only of slow-playing dudes (keeping them on the hook as orbiters and clowns and whatnot, by saying they have to earn trust over time), but can also be used for the same reasons as why chicks like to travel in anonymity through foreign lands where no one knows them and where no one back home will hear what they did there.

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