JBpill Are pedo hunter whiteknights the biggest cucks there are?


Dec 19, 2018
To begin, anyone who hasn't been lobotomized knows that those mini-foids are taking it up the pussy and ass by who knows how many chads. There is no claim to purity when they fuck themselves raw. We all know this but then why are they defended by white knights?

The white knights who claim to fight for little girls are only doing it so that they can have them all for themselves. They want to be rewarded by the mini-foids and they aren't willing to share. It's actually very telling that the guy with the camera is the one who was talking about basements, making faces out of skin, etc. The real depraved ones are those who attack those so-called depraved ones.

"Excuse me, Mr. Pedocel," the White Knight says. "Why do you think of tight little girls and want to lick her soft warm skin? Why would you want a collection of dildos of varying sizes to train her holes for when you're not gone? Why are you saving up for a collection of child-size lingerie?" Honestly, these guys make me sick.


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Dec 19, 2018
By making it more risky to fuck jailbates they are hoping chads will be scared away from them resulting in less attractive males having a shot.

13 yo girls usually want to have sex and there is no evidence jailing males for providing them with pleasure actually helps these females, it may however make it slighly easier for females over the AoC (them having even more options).

Feminists hate young females that compete for chads dick and this is why we have AoC laws.