Dahlia, sometimes you wonder whether I'm being truthful or manipulative

Sometimes maybe it's both truthful AND manipulative. Like, it could be propaganda.

If I were gonna lie to you, though, I might say something like, "Baby, the only reason I hit on those girls on the other forum was to make you jealous" when really, that was only PART of the reason.

In reality, the true reason was that I felt so heartbroken in your absence, that in my dejection I resorted to trying to go on the rebound with these disgusting thots; but then I just felt filthy afterwards for having condescended to even consider such lesser females who could never compare to the object of my true affection.

Even if I could be the latest to, by rhythmic and vigorous strokes, further widen and deepen those already much-penetrated ax wounds, they could never compare to yours, my sweet Dahlia.
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