Do you know any chads irl?


Dec 19, 2018
I don't since my social circle is literally less than 5 people, and that includes people I might see once a month if that.

I, however, did sorta know chads in high school because there were some who were regularly having sex and having lots of side girls. Literally like a harem.

If I did know any chads right now, then I'd probably have to invite them to dinner and serve them sleeping pills dissolved in alcohol and chase it with sugar in drain cleaner. Nothing will please me more than imagining their bodies dematerializing from the inside out.
Mar 14, 2019
Yes, I know a 5'6 chad with light brown hair and blue eyes. If you're an ARYAN then you're a volcel as you can just run JBW game if you're not too bad looking, especially in Thailand. If you're a white person with brown eyes JBW can literally not work for you.

Also, 80% of the chads I know are 5'8 or below, while some are noticeably tall.