Does anyone want to take over running this place?


Dec 18, 2018
This site has in recent weeks become just a place for people to try to use me as a punching bag, saying it's my fault that I'm unpopular/hated/whatever, without really giving any good examples of what I've done to deserve that. (On the rare occasions where they've given examples, I've usually been able to debunk those.)

That's just loser behavior on their part, to want to blame someone for shit that's more of a systemic problem than anything. It's not my fault that GameDev never had much of a chance with Florelle, for instance. And if he has a problem with me pining after Florelle, well then he has a problem with my expressing my emotions, impressions, etc.; I thought that on incel sites, we were allowed to express our pain from not having a girlfriend, or our oneitis, or whatever. When I do it, though, I get criticized. GameDev doesn't even have room to talk, because he probably fell as deeply in love with that girl as I did, and like me saw her as having special traits; the only difference is that he may have been slightly more indirect about making those feelings known. In me, they manifested as sadness; in him, they manifested as anger.

I'm not really all that blackpilled, anyway; I'm rapepilled. I believe there can be a better future if we re-institute patriarchy. Radical patriarchism is actually less misogynistic than more mainstream variants of incel culture

The blackpill had a grain of truth but the incelosphere never truly was all that blackpilled in the sense that these men had given up; that's why they had to suppress the "go ER" memes over at .co; it was because men were still thinking there could be change if we would just take action. That's as true now as it ever was.

Also, we know that a lot of men on these sites realistically have no reason to be blackpilled about their prospects of getting sex; they could make it happen if they were willing to go to the necessary effort. It's just that these days, a lot of men feel unmotivated because they don't feel like dealing with annoying sluts, or saying/doing the kind of manipulative shit they might have to do to get laid. Basically, these guys are too sensitive and nice; if they were more psychopathic and otherwise dark triad, maybe they'd do better with women.

By the time they become that way, though, they often are so damaged that they don't feel like even dealing with women intimately anymore, and putting themselves in a position to get hurt, even though by applying these dark triad ways, they might be able to get somewhere with women. It just sounds like a lot of work, and we don't have a community established around making it happen in reality, so guys have given up when they didn't really need to. That's what RGIF is in a lot of ways a site that could theoretically have more potential; we could analyze what has worked and at least lend moral support to trying those methods.

I'm gonna wait 72 hours (i.e. until around noon on the 16th of July), and if no one has stepped up, then I'm just gonna fold up shop and redirect to RGIF. I would be willing to keep this place up as just an archive, but there's the punching bag aspect, where people are continuing to abuse me for essentially no reason, and I don't really need to have a site devoted solely to that.
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