Everything make sense now


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After i took the blackpill i understood my whole life. Everything makes sense now. Everything that happened to me was because i was ugly. Everydamn bullying and shaming that i have expierenced was because i was ugly. It never began it never was my destiny to become great. There is no control in life. Your life quality depends on your looks. There is no personality its all looks. Your looks speaks for you. What is personality anyway? What is the difference of people personality from each other if they say the same thing and do the same thing. It is simple looks that makes one "personality" more appreciable than the other. Why do make people complexer than it is... as if its something magical no no no. If i say hello i will simply called creepy while if the other says hello he will be called friendly. There is no personality its a scam and so is life aswell. Your succes is based on your looks. Why do you think succesfull people are always beautifull or tall? Because it simply the validation caused by the halo effect that gave them confidence to climb the ladder of life. The true intellegent people have roped long time ago or they have been beaten mentaly so bad that they are now at the background of society. It is not that beautifull people are smarter but its the looks that helped them mentaly and its looks that made it possible for them to get a good education.

This whole life is a scam, there is no personality. We are all npcs. This truly gives me peace because i know i did nothing wrong in life , in fact i have a better personality than others but i never got right validation and chance to share my personality.

No matter what i will do i will always be not good enough for people. There are dumb retard people praised as gods simply because of looks. You know, this blackpill made me more arrogant and confident, because i know now that the judgement of people is invalid. Peoples arguments are wrong, they are all scams to justify their unfair treatment of the ugly and the beauty.

Im finaly at peace. Once in a while i have ragefull, because i have been lied my whole life.
But Im good enough not only that i am perfect.
Never got diagnosed and people also dont think im autistic, but i have suspicion myself. I used to toe walk when i was young and i have other syptoms of aspergers. So what is your theory?
My theory is that unattractive males can end up being regarded as autistic due to the social difficulties caused by their unattractiveness.

Psychietry think everything is mental and refuses to see other factors, if someone think he is ugly when he is he will just get diagnosed with BDD.


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I have never been diagnosed either.

Though with that being said, I've been told that I use to behave and talk in a loudmouth "Sheldon Cooper" manner when I was younger.

(As in "Sheldon Cooper" on the CBS sitcom "The Big Bang Theory", where Sheldon behaves in an asperger or high functioning autistic manner).