Femoid and a 6/10 got an A for their "essays"

The femoid's essay was about being grateful for what you have in life and was incredibly bluepilled

The 6/10 guy's one was about a short story which is an example of why personality matters more than looks

Actually pathetic how academia is just a blatant popularity contest and the professors are just morons who hate on ugly men

No excuse for society, if you want to stop ERs then 1: acknowledge it's not about the shooter at all 2: acknowledge the system being damaged by the shooting completely deserved it and should take full responsibility for the shooting 3: notice how much constant "criticism" is launched towards ugly men for being "not confident enough" and having a "victim mentality" or absolutely anything, meanwhile the "criticisms" are only there if the male is ugly

And for good luck 4: pull your heads out of your asses, life isn't fair, we are living in reality while you're living in a dream world where your just-world-fallacy overrides any evidence of the blackpill
This is why i stuck to stem, didn't have to deal with that shit, zero issues once i switched from physics to maths.

Other reason for why i graduated in maths
- i could rely on my brainpower instead of hard work.
- no bs assignments
- not specialized.
- proof i am smart.
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This is why i stuck to stem, didn't have to deal with that shit, zero issues once i switched from physics to maths.
I found undergraduate college physics programs somewhat more schizophrenic.

Unfortunately the first two years or so of physics, was very much like engineering with tons of bs assignments resembling mind numbing "busywork". Not surprisingly, the engineering majors had to take these same freshman/sophomore physics course sequences. IIRC for many colleges, these same freshman/sophomore mind numbing physics courses were used as a "weed out" to fail as many engineering majors as possible in freshman or sophomore year. So essentially the physics department was acting like a "bad cop", while the engineering department was the proverbial "good cop".

The few physics courses I took in junior/senior year, were much higher iq and almost no mind numbing bs assignments. Stuff like quantum mechanics, electromagnetism, nuclear physics, etc ...
Once you have fems in STEM it's dead.
Science has been dead in the water since it stopped being the thing that well-bred European men do alone.