"I just want my looksmatch" is cope

No you don't, you want the hottest prime jailbait you can get, preferably more than one hot prime jailbait. In point of fact, you want to fuck every foid in the world who passes the boner test, and the only reason you wouldn't if all their pussies were accessible to you is that you'd be limited by time constraints and the refractory period that keeps your dick from immediately getting hard again after you just got done ejaculating into a prime JB.

Foids too are hypergamous, but it's more obvious with them, because an average-looking foid with no money, social skills, or anything else she brings to the table actually has the ability to go out there and get as much dick as she want (including from Chads or Chadlites), limited only by needing to rest her pussy once in awhile due to soreness.