can't figure out whether they want to rebel against the establishment, or kiss the ass of the establishment


On the one hand, they seem to want to rebel against the establishment, by insisting on their lookism theory and the use of the term "inceldom" when they could instead cuck out and say, "I'm sure I'll find a girlfriend someday, but I'm working on myself right now" like most normies do.

On the other hand, they mostly want to refrain from patriarchism or any other form of misogyny. (They might say, "We don't allow girls here" but there's actually no way of knowing for sure that there are no girls present; these days, men are so effeminate and girls are so masculine that it's hard to tell sometimes.)


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Sounds like a loose coalition of different interests, competing against one another.

Short of execution/excommunication of dissenters, it is very difficult to get any unity in groups of people with slightly different interests.