IncelTears users deserve flaying

Mar 14, 2019
Even the ugliest femoids that have HORRIBLE personalities get ultra validated, not only IRL but also in

Yet you can have a perfect personality, and femoids will scream at seeing you if you are ugly or low status, completely unprovoked.

The fact that cucktards deny this and believe femoids are more disadvantaged than men in 2019, just anywhere outside of the middle east, is unforgivable, they are sad and deranged people that will go to any length to justify their just-world-fallacy and for this they deserve a week+ of torture - either this or to be disabled so they can be berated/humiliated/insulted by people in their life out of nowhere, unprovoked, so they see just what an insane chunk of life, especially outside of dating, is pre-determined genetically and/or environmentally.

The idiots who believe they know our personalities IRL based on our post histories, or assuming we have low social skills while our wrist size, height, looks etc. aren't the problem deserve extra torture.