Just did an inventory of my mom's liquor collection


Dec 18, 2018
  • Tia Maria dark liqueur, 750ml
  • Kahlua rum and coffee liqueur, 750ml
  • George Dickel rye whisky, 750ml
  • Dia Amore amaretto, 375ml
  • Bacardi Gold Puerto Rican rum, 1L
  • Absolut vodka, 1L
Not too bad of a collection, plus I see she's got what are basically something close to highball glasses in there. Maybe there's some other glassware as well, but since she's got this collection in a closet, it was hard for me to really explore to see what was there without taking everything out. A cocktail glass, for instance, is always nice to have. I notice, by the way, in my weakened state I get out of breath just carrying around about a kilogram of liquor at a time to do an inventory.

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