Blackpill Modern academia is a joke


The Alpha Gigachad
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Communism was put in practice dozens of times in human history and in all of them it had disastrous consequences. Famine, totalitarianism, genocide, etc.

Despite that, tons of academics are still Marxists and apply Marxism to everything (my Ph.D teacher just recommended us a book called "Marxist approach to liguistics, JFL).

Meanwhile, because little children who get violently raped and later exposed to shrinks which constantly reinforce what happened was terrible, have some chance of developing trauma, therefore you can't even kiss a teenage girl (the exact AoC varies from place to place), regardless of whether she wants it or not, if you're an adult man because it'll certainly traumatized her for life! You can't question it, or else the fucking congress and shrink associations will condemn your research officially.

You can't even download underage pornography without paying anything for it or even contacting anyone about it, even if it consists of some developed teen girl undressing in a webcam video, without coercion, laughing. Hell, you can't even download lolicon in some countries.

So, we have a 100% correlation (between Marxism and extreme human widespread suffering in tons of forms) against an around 40%> correlation (between violent sexual abuse of small children and trauma). What do you think the correlation is for consensual kisses on sexually developed, teenage girls and sex without coercion or violence? Despite that, Marxism is fucking everywhere and even discussing about pedo or even hebe/ephebophilia is banned.

Also, you can say things like "real communism was never tried!" but you can't say "real adult-minor relationships where society doesn't shame people in it and criminalize it and coercion and violence don't take place haven't been tried!". You can also say things like "Venezuela is a shithole because of US imperialism!" but you can't say "she got traumatized because of society treating it as a crime and arresting her lover and sending her to therapy over it!"

This is the same academia that tells us, from the top of its "scientific authority", that there are no differences among the races and that women are just as capable as men at basically everything.