Announcement New rule about defloration of femoids

If any forum member, whether by rape or enticement, deflowers a girl from this forum, who has no history of being disloyal or unfaithful to him, and she or her father asks that he marry her, he is required to do so within a reasonable amount of time, or else he will no longer be in good standing in this community.

The reason is that we want to promote the right of fathers to enforce a "you break it, you bought it" policy with regard to their daughters' hymens, since we are after all about patriarchy, i.e. rule by fathers. We also want to ensure that a few Chads don't just go around banging hot young virgins and leaving them as damaged goods, rather than taking responsibility for the consequences; quality chicks are too scarce on this forum for us to allow that.

Another reason for this rule is that we recognize that young virgins are too dumb to make a good decision about whether they should open their legs to a guy outside of marriage, so society has to provide some protection for their interests (as well as putting an end to the practice of beta cucks' having to wife up these damaged goods), and the best way to do that is by acknowledging and defending the family unit that has been created by her defloration, under natural law.

Virginal femoids, note that the community's power to force men into shotgun weddings is limited, so therefore it could be advisable to use your virginity as a bargaining chip to tempt the man of your choice into marriage, if you have more assurance of keeping him, and getting a commitment from him in a reasonable timeframe; see also Thoughts on virginity and marriage

Of course it should really be the father setting these rules, and ensuring his daughter's chastity so as to preserve her bridal value; but we don't live in a society where the patriarchal perogatives has been much preserved; plus the abandonment of the practice of early marriage has put a lot of girls in a position where they have more freedom to break their dads' rules than in previous times.
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I'd be happy to go back to the days of daddy having a saying in women's lives, as long as they actually showed up? You all are eager at the bit, but there's quite a percentage of children out there without a father figure.


What are we eager about?
As i understand it, if you touch a virgin woman, you are trying to recreate the old "I touched her outside marriage, so, give us your blessing to marry." which i understand. I don't need to repeat the whole mindset. You are eager to find and maintain this idea of innocent virtue. The need to find a virgin.