Popularity and unpopularity are mostly a bunch of groupthink


Dec 18, 2018
Maybe that's a truism, but when I look around at recent events, I see how stuff unfolded. E.g. if you look at this thread: R.I.P. Dahlia

GameDevCel and Swordstick are talking about leaving the site. Maybe if they hadn't teamed up, it wouldn't have happened, but that's kinda how it goes.

Groupthink gives and groupthink takes away. Your popularity can soar sometimes as people rely on their friends' opinions about whether they should support someone. But it can go in the other direction too.

Right now, the tide of the groupthink is going against me. That is usually how it goes, ultimately. If you resist the tide long enough, though, sometimes you can make a comeback.

You'll never know how many times I thought about closing down these boards, but just kept paying the server bill from month to month, even though there was no one around. Well, then we were rewarded when Florelle and others showed up. We've now lost quite a bit of that progress, but oh well.

The thing about it is, when you're gaining or losing popularity, it's not really the result of a bunch of people making independent decisions, as much as it is, people acting as one big group brain, and going off in their own direction. So you're really only getting rejected once, not by each individual.

I don't view myself as having been rejected by GameDev, Swordstick, Dahlia, Bruce, etc. I see myself as having been rejected by that collective, which shared a common cultural meme of, "Leu is a bluepilled cuck."

Idrc, something's gonna have to change or I'm going to the grave or the mental hospital anyway, and maybe then this board will go down and the whole thing will be moot because there won't be anything left. And it's not like you guys have another platform you can go to, by the way; I doubt GameDev, Dahlia, or Bruce are going to create any public or private platform that they all hang out on; I don't think they have the initiative, skills, resources, etc. to do that.
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