Blackpill Reminder

Jan 7, 2019

This admin agrees 100% with OP.
Well, at least one of you sees the light.


@FanDrope and Register/Registerusername (same person) want to take you to bed.

Just thought you should know. (before I get permabanned)

Have fun with Reggie, Ellie. He's a real life Solarchad, so you'd like him.


Go ahead and censor this.

It'll prove that you're just as censor happy as the daily stormer, reddit, and anyone else who can't deal with freedom of speech.

I can advocate a second holocaust, but I can't tell florelle that a chad wants to pump and dump her??

Ok. I hope Florelle does get dumped by the chadlite over there.

That way, she'll always hate your site by association.
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