Sarge's Sanctioned Suicide site is super-blackpilled


Staff member
Dec 18, 2018
But if it's an incel thing, it should be banned. I can't stand incels and that ridiculous vocabulary they use. On the other hand, normies is a word I wouldn't have even associated with incels.
It's easy for lonely men with little social life to get dragged into incel mentality, especially for male virgins, I'm going to be honest and at say at times I've definitely been there myself. But once you're out and socializing you realize how stupid those things are and what a pointless endeavor it is to be salty about the opposite sex not giving you attention. As a male for your own good go as far away from incel mindset as possible, it can destroy your life.
However, it bears saying, that most shooters themselves are just egomaniacal, incel-tier brats looking for some tawdry sense of martyrdom & infamy (courtesy of exploitative news outlets) who, themselves, could just as easily meet the definition of a bully more than anyone else. It's truly hard to think of something more pathetic, frankly. Fuck them & this planet, basically.