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Cosby is innocent
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Not signing up for the weeb or zoo one JFL.

1. I hate weeb culture as it stands now because its a pure cope mindset, those guys aren't going to do anything revolutionary nor do they care to, because they are more invested in their copes and trying to add more copes to their list (more distractions).

2. Zoophiles are ironically the furthest thing from incel, because as I've said before, if you truly are aroused by animals, and you can gain access to an animal for sex, then ask yourself, are you truly incel then, since you are no longer "invounltarily celibate"?. Again like the weeb, a zoophile, well an "accomplished zoophile", isn't going to have much motivation to make strides in the incel movement, because their bed is already made, they can have sex with animals, while incels want to have sex with human females.

Anyone can just go to a shelter and adopt a female dog, or buy a high pedigree one if you're into that high tier dog pussy JFL. If horses are your thing then that's harder to do, it would take some time and effort to get the land, and to guy a horse, etc, but it can be done, and after that point you have access to unlimited sex.

I'll never get the horse lovers though:
1. Dogs are way cuter all round
2. Their faces aren't as fucked up in shape
3. Their teeth and mouth shape look good
4. They can easily display emotion and understand you
5. They've literally been bred to be companions and guardians for humans
6. They are submissive and obedient in nature and can easily be trained, so it is literally possible to train a bitch to suck your dick and not bite, good luck trying that with a horse JFL
7. They are easier to gain access to (again shelters)
8. They are cheaper to maintain, feed and care for
9. People would be less suspicious of a guy randomly buying a single female dog, than a man randomly buying a single female horse (horse owner is more likely to be a suspected zoophile)
10. A female dog is definitely going to be tighter and feel better than a female horse
11. Less dangerous to interact sexually with a dog than with a horse, one back leg kick and you can be killed by a horse
12. If your horse dies you have to buy another horse, do you know how expensive that is, if your dog dies you can just go get another dog

Etc, etc, etc

I have no attraction to animals, but I always try to put myself in the mind of other people and rationalize things logically, and if you're going to fuck animals, I'd say objectively dogs are the most attractive and most feasible mates, monkeys look closer to humans than any other animal but objectively they are way fucking uglier than dogs, dogs look way more aesthetically pleasing than monkeys, and especially horses, its not even comparable.

If I was zoophile, I'd be doing some weird breeding experiments though, I'd try to cross breed various species to get a species of dog literally bred to be a human sexual partner, select the most attractive traits by polling dog having zoophiles and breed based on those characteristics. Then I could establish some black market for selling said breed to membership clients, all of this can be facilitated by a simple legal adoption exchange with the associated documents (for legal reasons so the police can't do shit), the money will be "a gift". (Some zoophile is going to steal this idea from me)

At this point I'm sure you're realizing that my mind races a lot and I really get into the personas I take on in hypotheticals JFL.
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Whoah way to leave for half a year and pop back in with an attack on my zoophilia again.
I get it, you don't like horses lol.

I don't want to waste my time deconstructing each and every point but it basically boils down to:
  1. zoos can't be incel because they prefer animals
  2. You aren't a zoo but zoos should prefer bitches to mares because of personal reasons

  1. You are implying that I am zoo-exclusive, which I am not. My zoophilia is a cope and should I get access to foids I'd still prefer that option to a mare.
    However, I'll give it to you that there's a threshold of ugly foid where I choose the mare over the foid. One does not volcel me with Lisa Velasquez for example.
  2. I find dogs repulsive, they have super ugly gums, bad breath bad body odour and are way too nervous/playful. I don't understand the foids who French kiss such a blob of bio-hazardous material. As you can see, attraction is not a choice and is completely subjective.
    I find cats way cuter than dogs btw, and as far as raw cuteness is concerned, even cuter than mares, but I feel zero attraction towards cats. I love them as pets, not as lovers.
    Cats have nice B.O. compared to dogs, but their breath stinks notoriously too. Cat and dog poo are one of the worst smells on earth so there's no way my mouth and nose want to approach their genital-anal region.
    Now, mares smell delicious to me. It's an erotic smell, one that does trigger my sexual arousal. Their breath and mouth smell delicious too, and so do their genitals.
    I don't know why that is so to me and to other equinophile zoos (and some non-zoos actually love horse smell as well, just like others actually like dog smell) as well but it is what it is and attraction is not a choice.
    Noteworthy as well is that only in the incelosphere have I ever become aware of what a "long mid-face" is. That looks very bad on a human head indeed but not on a horse. A horse with a human face would incidentally be a centaur, not a horse.

Something to consider as well, since you mentioned longevity, is that dogs age very fast and have a short life-span. They live an average of 10 years for large breeds, and that incidentally means that your 6 year old bitch is actually a granny. Mares can live 40+ years and if I ever got my own, she will outlive me as I'm 40+ myself and don't want to live past 70.


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I wasn't going to address each and every minor point but I felt it was necessary to clarify something about tightness.
The closest to human pussy according to some other zoos with that experience, is female sheep. Again, like said above, attraction is not a choice and female sheep don't do it for me though I guess given a chance I might just fuck one to try it.
Mare pussy might look like it's gonna be super loose to a human penis, but they have a muscle they contract during mating and it's actually the best pussy mammalian females can offer. If at all there was a need for somewhat equally sized mates to form the perfect relationship, then there's always the mini-mare too, though I am legit more attracted to large sized mares.


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Why would someone want to fuck a carnivore; that's just gross.
Also, he said dogs are less dangerous than horses, but depending on the individual a horse can be very placid while a dog can be very aggressive and bite-happy.
There's a reason why I was never kicked, I know my way around mares and can read their body language. There are precursor signs other than kicking when she is pissed off. The main thing is not piss them off in the first place.
I tried signing up onto and it says that I need to accept cookies even though I have set up chrome and enabled the website to accept cookies. Refreshing the page & enabling cookies for and it still doesn't work.