Blackpill So is the incelosphere as lookism-focused as it used to be?


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Dec 18, 2018
I've been almost completely gone from for a few months now, so I've been out of touch, but it seems like changes have been going on.

I think there always was an acknowledgement that if you have normie-tier looks, you're gonna need to betabuxx. Guys on there were always distraught at being too ugly to betabuxx successfully, with the amount of betabuxx they could get.

It truly does suck to be the "failed normie" who can't betabuxx, because people will point out that nothing else you have to offer can compensate for that; there are tons of other normie-tier guys who DO have betabuxx, so they outclass you and will get whatever pussy Chad doesn't take (not that Chad didn't already get it before he disposed of it after it got too old).