The difference between being a man and a femoid in 2019


Dec 18, 2018
I was reading about the sales techniques of this one portable toilet company:

Call-a-Head spies scouted the city for rival toilets, then Charlie dispatched pairs of salesgirls — one all business, the other all flirt. “As soon as Mr. John messes up,” Charlie says, “they’re thinkin’ of those girls.” Weiner began hearing stories about provocatively dressed young women entering job sites to cascades of wolf whistles. “It might be a little Hooters-ish,” says Ray Luden, a regional manager for PolyJohn, a portable-toilet manufacturer, “but it works!” Charlie’s best salesgirls today make $150,000 a year.
Man, I'm not gonna be able to look at a root bear float the same way after this:

Vacuum-cleaning a portable toilet is a bit like sucking down a root-beer float. The hose shakes and squirms as it swallows lumpier bits, then it’s down to the frothy blue dregs. When construction workers drop rags or cell phones down there, though, it can get messy. In 2008, Moises Maloof was pumping a toilet when debris caught in the hose. The vacuum pressure split the rubber, spraying excrement into his face.