Hypocrisy To all those incels who are listening to normies


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Dec 19, 2018
As important is the blackpill is also the idea that normies aren't to be trusted. They aren't genuine and they're hypocritical degenerates. They're trying to corrupt you!

Even if most incels don't think humanoids are insectoid aliens, I have to repeat myself

Men, you’ve been isolated and rejected, ignored and forgotten. This is bad but the Gaslighting is even worse. To the alone and lonely men of the world, reflect upon the following questions: Have normies talked about sex as not a big deal but then go on to have sex like there's no tomorrow? Have they hidden their past degeneracies from you in order to give the illusions that your inceldom is somehow just a phase or that it happens to everyone? Have they manipulated your own words and ideas to suit their agenda?

More questions: have they tried to "relate" to you in some way, even while knowing that you can't relate never having anything to having had something? Have they minimalized or tried to discredit your experiences? Have they even tried to say what you know isn't what you know? Have they made fun of incels, virginity, not having sex, or rejection? Have they ever laughed at your expense, or the expense of those similar to you?

And more questions: have they tried to stop you from reaching out to other incels? To stop relating to those who know what things are truly like? To cut ties from those who actually have lived through similar lives as you? Have they implied that being Chads or Stacies or being with them are good things that that those who aren't (or aren't with) are somehow lesser? Have they tried to convert you? Have they tried to make them see the world as they see the world?

Can you stand how foids say one thing to incels and what they do with chads? In the simplest and most straightfoward terms, it's literally the exact opposite. "Sex isn't a big deal," it says, but is very choosy with whom it has sex. "Personality matters," it says, but picks top guys without knowing him. "Looks aren't everything," it says, meanwhile it creams over chads. "I gave him the best years of my life," it says in reference to young teen years, but meanwhile, says young teen girls aren't sexy. I could go on and on, and anyone who refutes this is lying to themselves and is working against what they know is their own true experience, or others.

All of those questions and quotes are Gaslighting 101 and it's stuff non-incels do all the time to incels, but we're the truthtellers. This is why they fear us and they want to shut us down. We endanger their lies and false realities. If enough people relate to incels - and they do, but they're too afraid to admit it - then we'll gain power and bluepill society will be overhauled. Our existence exposes the true nature of reality and we won't be enforced to be "correct" by the politically-motivated degenerates in power.
All I can say to those fucking fakecels who are even entertaining to listen to normies, just remember that those normie have had young love, they've enjoyed it all, and now they're adding "feel good" crap to their list of accomplishments. It's no different than celebs who want to save the environment, those foids who don't want to be shamed for the sex life, but then shame men for their sex life or lack thereof; foids who don't want bad boys but then still go after them... it just goes on and on.

I ask you incels who listen to normies, would you suggest a man obey a feminist? a meat-eater obey a vegan? an atheist obey a theist? If the answer is NO then why would you let an incel, like yourself, fall for the same jewtraps? The insectoid pheromones must be working else how else could this happen. We need more purifiers like ER.

I'll add that you shouldn't kill yourself just yet, but maybe dig under your skin to see if there are anything out of the ordinary. If you can't find evidence of the invasion, it's because they're technology is better at covering the tracks. Keep digging. I was lucky to have dug things out years ago and so I'm immune. (For the most part actually, I still notice some scars that I don't know how happened, but it was possibly during another episode that has been somehow deleted from memory)
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