Why even bother saying "no homo"


Dec 18, 2018
We already have in the English language the two words "like" and "love" to distinguish between varying degrees of affection, fondness, etc.

Some people make a big deal about how the word "love" means something that's a lot bigger deal than "like," but in reality, it's more of a spectrum. Where does red stop and orange begin? I dunno. It's a well-known phenomenon that as you like a chick's personality more, you may find her more physically attractive, and vice versa; it's the halo effect.

Anyway, even within "homo" there are varying degrees of homo, as those of us who have been in prison are well aware. The homos have to be careful to clarify stuff like, "I want my dick sucked but I don't suck dick" or "I don't take it up the pooper," etc. So even if it's "yes homo" they still have to figure out which KIND of homo it is; it's not binary.

"No homo" is just a way of saying, "My affection for you doesn't indicate that I want to engage in kissing, heavy petting, and ejaculation with you" but even that might not be true in all cases; even as far back as Biblical times, men used to kiss each other in greeting (see, e.g., Kiss of peace - Wikipedia ), plus male friends often horseplay and stuff. If they come to blows and get in a fight, one of them may even grab the other's junk to try to gain an advantage.

It's all just kinda arbitrary, and what does it even matter in the end? At any rate, usually men who want gay sex will indicate it in one way or another; uncloseted homosexuals typically have their outward indications, especially in this era of gay pride.

Even if someone does say, "No homo" it doesn't actually guarantee he isn't homo, or doesn't have homosexual thoughts about you; he could be closeted. It's as meaningless as saying, "To be honest," "Trust me," etc.


The Alpha Gigachad
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Dec 18, 2018
Makes sense tbh. Nothing to add really, I'm not very experienced on that topic.


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Mar 28, 2019
Then again, how else can one dispel latent homoerotic interpretations of one's words? When someone's being excessively affectionate towards you, you'd like to know if there might be a gay motive behind it; people often communicate in clues rather than directly, after all, and one ought to seek to minimize false positives for, well, pozzitivity. Sure, a fag can say still "no homo" deceptively, but statistically speaking, "no homo" lowers the chance that there are gay intentions involved.


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Jan 7, 2019
I said it because I didn't want to come off as false but still not obsessive. Also, it was to take the edge off the seriousness.

I didn't mean to come off as insincere.