"Your life wouldn't have been as easy if you were a woman"

Yet men are:

- 80% of suicides

- Failing much more at academia than femoids

- Most of the homeless people

- Infinitely more like to be seen as low on social skills

- Infinitely more likely to lose the divorce

- The ones that need to check infinitely more requirements to get sex

- The ones being falsely accused of privilege, especially something as stupid as the gender pay gap

- The gender that both genders are MUCH more likely to be violent towards

- The ones being purposefully under-represented in video games

- The gender who's orgasms last half as long as the other gender's

- Don't feel nearly as much pre-orgasm pleasure

- Can't have multiple orgasms in one session and can easily feel tired/sleepy after the orgasm

- The ones with incel communities, speaks for itself

- Over 80% of work deaths

- Aren't treated nearly as well, displaying emotion makes you seem weak, 80% of elementary school bullies etc.

It's COMPLETELY inexcuseable to believe women aren't as well off as men in 2019.